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  • July 18 2019

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      With the dyeing and finishing of textiles, the warp direction is subjected to a large pulling force, resulting in elongation and narrowing of the length. In order to overcome this unstable state and ensure the dimensional stability of the textile, the speed of feeding into the cloth is adjusted du...

  • July 18 2019

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      A variety of machines can be used for printing fabrics. Flat Screen Printer is a quite common one described below. Flat Screen Printer can be manual, semi-automatic or completely automatic. One type of machine, which is still commonly found in printing houses, can be described as follows. The fabr...

  • June 29 2019

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      The Flat Screen Printing Machine transports the towel by the rubber conveyor belt (referred to as the guide belt). The multiple flat nets overprint the different colors on the towel. The accuracy of the printing and color registration directly affects the appearance and quality level of the finish...

  • April 25 2019

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    1. When the Flat Screen Printer is running, it is strictly forbidden to sit on the machine and touch the machine and the transmission part of the wire frame. 2. When you wipe the board, only it should be confirmed that the safety rod of the grid has been locked can the board be wiped to prevent the ...